UPV FISIO Statement

Dear patients:

On July 31, 2024, Elena Costa Moreno, who currently provides a physiotherapy service at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), will end her contract with the UPV by ceasing to provide said service and the website through which it is requesting prior appointments will no longer be operational.

From that day on, if you want more information regarding the services provided up to that date, you can contact Elena Costa Moreno through the email elenacostafisioterapia@gmail.com since the current address of info@upvfisio.es will no longer be available. enabled.

Thank you very much for the trust placed all this time.

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This Physic Therapy Clinic looks after prevention and maintenance of your health if you work at Universitat Politècnica de València

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You are able to discuss with us any enquiry about treatments, techniques and kinds of physical therapy that we offer.


Traumatological and rheumatic injuries: Cervical whiplash, lower back ...

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Manual Therapy: Sporting Massage Massage for treating muscle spam Cyri...

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Preventive Physical Therapy

Beause of damaging postures during long time in our journeys, not ergo...

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Sporting Physical Therapy

Patients will be able to make an appointment for preventive sporting p...

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Personal Caring

Advices that fit you and make you feel better.

Self care exercises

Self-caring exercises are exercises that include different techniques....

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Self-caring exercises are exercises that include different techniques....

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Stretching Exercises

There are many techniques for stretching the body, but classical stret...

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