About UPV | Fisio

UPV|FISIO is a physiotherapy clinic which wants your wellness and keeps your health on top.

Here you will find personalized attention you need to assess you. We will offer you the best solution.

If you work or study at Universitat Politècnica de València (or a relative –son/daughter, parents, husband/wife-) UPV|FISIO is your physiotherapy clinic, close to you. We’ve got a broad timetable.

Elena Costa manages UPV|FISIO. She is a physiotherapist who has worked in (medical) clinics for many years and has studied different clinical specialties, almost all of them focused on orthopaedia, using different techniques.

Elena Costa is a member of the local chartered institute of physiotherapists of Valencia (Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Fisioterapeutas de la Comunidad Valenciana).

Her license number is 2120. You can find here the Code of Ethics (in spanish) Code of ethics.

Besides her degree in Physical Therapy she’s also qualified on:

  • Lower Jaw Articulation Disfucntions Specialist.
  • Diacutaneal Fibrosilis (hooks) Specialist.
  • Miofascial Syndrome and Fibromialgia Speacilst.
  • Master’s degree in Medicine, Ortophaedia and Sportive Physical Therapy.

She’s also studied other techniques: Miotensive techniques, PEI, Sonography diagnostic for muscles and tendons, RPG, Neuromuscular dressing, Functional dressing.

Pilates trainer as a complementary method for a better understood of the body from the movement.

“The most important: the person who comes to our clinic after an injury will come out feeling better”.

About Physiotherapy

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) defines physiotherapy as an “”Art and Science of the physical treatment, that is to say, the set of techniques to cure, prevent, recover and readapt patients who need physical treatment, throughout the application of physical and manual agents”.

These agents are: manual therapy (stretching, massage…), light, water, hot, cold, dressings, exercises, etc.

Each patient is a concrete case and he needs a personalized and specific treatment, and in UPV|FISIO we offer you a large assortment of adapted possibilities for you.

Our Services

You are able to discuss with us any enquiry about treatments, techniques and kinds of physical therapy that we offer.


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